UKIP in disarray (a Southend menagerie)

The Southend Echo reports on the falling out between two senior UKIP politicians in Southend-on-Sea. You see, Cllr Waterworth had the temerity to steal one of Cllr Moyies toys; Waterworth beat Moyies in the contest to see who would be UKIP’s Parliamentary Candidate in Rochford and Southend East.

In the report Cllr Waterworth is quoted as saying: “I have asked him to confirm or deny the weasal words attributed to him.”

So, the Lame Duck candidate is calling his leader a Weasal. Animal lovers will be aghast.

I feel compelled to point out that I tried for the Labour slot in Rochford and Southend East and was beaten by Cllr Ian Gilbert. In contrast to UKIP aspirants I can confirm that I am fully behind Ian Gilbert in his attempts to replace the hopeless James Duddridge in Parliament, and that prior to my injury I was out every week in that constituency doing my bit to get him elected.

(I can also confirm that I will be voting for the Labour Candidate in my home constituency.)






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