Back? Still waiting

Anna Waite used to be a big noise in Southend-on-sea – despite not actually living in the borough. She was the Leader of the Council before the electorate’s verdict delivered her more leisure time. She writes a blog about the borough, although one has to say her output is best described as sporadic.

Her latest post is called Back!, although she isn’t – not really.

This post was written on October 15th – a full twenty-seven days ago. She writes: Well it’s just over a year since my last post and I have decided to return to blogging again because there is so much going on that I think needs mentioning. Over the next few weeks I will be writing on the town, the seafront, the pier, yet again, some highway ‘improvements’ and much else.

I guess ‘next few weeks’ could mean anything, but rather like her former councillor colleagues this Tory does seem to be struggling to say anything (let alone make it readable and relevant).

All promise and no delivery; much like the state of her party in the borough.


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