A candidate so poor even his own Chair will not vote for him: come in Floyd Waterworth, your time is up

When even his own side will not be voting for him then you know that there is a particularly poor candidate on the ballot paper. Such is the case with UKIP’s Parliamentary Candidate for Rochford and Southend East, Floyd Waterworth.

Cllr James Courtenay (Conservative, Blenheim Park) reports a conversation he has had with Cllr James Moyies (UKIP, West Shoebury). He writes: I’m sure it won’t surprise many people to hear that I will not be voting UKIP in the next general election. You might be rather more surprised to hear that James Moyies, the 2010 UKIP Candidate in Rochford and Southend East (R&SE) Leader of UKIP on the Council and West Shoebury Councillor isn’t either. On the 14th October James said to me: “I won’t be voting for him [Floyd Waterworth] in the general election”. When I pressed him to confirm that means he will not be voting UKIP in the general election he said “Yes”.

Apparently, Cllr Moyies is happy that this conversation becomes public knowledge.

James Moyies leads the UKIP Group on Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, he is also Acting Chairman of their South Essex branch – the branch that preferred Floyd Waterworth over Cllr Moyies. Cllr Moyies has also been Chair of the Eastern Counties for UKIP. James Moyies is neither known for his disloyalty, nor is he a minor player in his party. That he thinks so ill of Cllr Waterworth therefore speaks volumes.

Floyd Waterworth represents my home ward (Blenheim Park); his is an invisible presence. He has not knocked at my door, and has delivered no ward newsletter either. He can also boast an indifferent attendance record at council meetings.


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