Essex Feminist Collective

I have only just become aware of the Essex Feminist Collective. Here follows their description of themselves:

Essex Feminist Collective was set up in October 2013 by a group of like minded women who wanted to create a women only safe space for the purpose of discussion, learning and campaigning around feminist issues.
The core principles of the group are as follows:
We are open to all that self-identify as women
We are anti-porn culture and anti-sex industry
We are pro-choice

We also acknowledge that the principles of this group will not suit everybody’s needs and we would actively support women if they wanted to set up a group more appropriate to them.

We meet on the first Wednesday of the month, a various venues in Colchester. These are advertised via our FB page (which is women only) and Twitter (which is open to all).

We usually have a guest speaker and we have so far heard from representatives from:
Let Toys be Toys
No More Page Three
Probation services
Speak Out Project (emotional abuse in teenage relationships)
Fawcett Society

We have also hosted a stall at a community event in Castle Park, Colchester which was really successful.

Their blog is here

They are on Twitter

and Facebook


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