Qatar, play by the rules


Playfair Qatar

Death & injury

To date, almost 1000 World Cup workers have died in Qatar and many have been injured.

Low pay & no pay

Workers are paid as little as 45p an hour and some employers withhold wages.

Trapped in Qatar

Workers need permission from their employers before they can leave Qatar.

No defence

World Cup workers in Qatar are unable to join forces and defend themselves.


3 Responses to Qatar, play by the rules

  1. So at what stage do we say that we do not want to endorse this regime by sending a team?

    Or does the “West Indian” situation apply?

  2. Sport and politics – always a difficult mix. To be honest I think the choice of Qatar on purely sporting grounds was daft; add in the lack of democracy and clearly some abusive practises and it does seem easy to opt for boycott.

    I guess, for the moment anyway, we should use pressure. As 2022 comes closer and things do not improve then I can see calls for a boycott becoming louder.

    The problem though is that there are many potential hosts with problematical records. Russia hosts the next one; what will gay players make of that choice?

  3. The trouble is as 2022 comes closer most of the abuses are what the accountants would call “sunk costs” and a boycott announced at the last moment would be a petulant indication of disgust at past events (and “sunk” in that nothing can be done about them). A boycott now might have an impact on abuses that we know are still to happen.

    “Potential hosts with problematical records” will always be a problem when “keeping sport out of politics” (or “politics out of sport”) means that in the end sportsmen and sportswomen will always follow decisions effectively made by corporate interests.

    Is it the end of the world if England does not go to a problematical World Cup (or other sporting event)? Is it really a problem if FIFA can never agree on a future world cup host that is acceptable to all? For many football supporters it would appear to be and our politicians are not prepared to arouse the ire of the tabloid press by taking a “principled stand”. So it does not matter if host cities throw people out of their homes to make way for stadia, treat construction workers as little better than slaves and have discriminatory policies and practices.

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