In the week of Equal Pay Day new figures reveal women in the East of England earn 23.3% less per hour than men

In the East of England women are earning 23.3% less than men an hour new analysis reveals. Nationally the East has the second worst figure of all the regions of the UK.

Equal Pay Day – the day women effectively start working for free because they are still paid less than men – falls on 4 November this year, 3 days earlier than in 2013 because of the rising pay gap.

Labour have pledged to take action to deliver equal pay by requiring companies with more than 250 workers will to publish their hourly pay gap in their annual report. For the first time employees will be able to see if discrimination exists and whether all the top jobs are still dominated by men.

Julian said: “This is a simple matter of equality – equal work should mean equal pay. ”

“Under David Cameron and Nick Clegg the pay gap is back on the rise after years of progress. At a time when families are struggling with rising prices this is unwelcome news. A Labour Government will take action by asking employers to publish their pay gap.”

The Labour Party has announced that in Government it will implement Section 78 of the Equality Act 2010 which would require companies with over 250 employees to publish male and female employee’s average hourly pay and the pay gap between them.

Last year the ONS Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings showed the pay gap back on the rise, for the first time since 2008 (from 19.6%-19.7% for all women and 9.5%-10.0% for women working full-time)


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