Labour for a Referendum

I am less than certain that a referendum on the United Kingdom’s continued membership of the European Union would be a good idea. Whilst I see many faults with the EU, I think that it is a mad gamble to suggest going it alone in the twenty-first century.

However, whilst it may appear that only right-wingers want a referendum this is not the case. There are voices with the Labour Party who wish for one too.

Wanting a referendum is not the same as wanting to be out of Europe – wanting a referendum only means that those who support it want all voters to have a say.

Anyway, Labour for a Referendum has this quote from Jon Cruddas on their website: This is about democracy. This is about respecting the people. Successive generations have not had a say on the European debate. This will fester until a proper open discussion is allowed. If we do not have a real referendum then anger and resentment will grow. We have to be bold and let the people into this conversation

Labour for a Referendum are also on twitter – @Lab4aRef


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