Not another socialist party; definitely not

I have stumbled across a new(ish) party, who despite the presence of ‘socialist’ in their title appear to belong to the far right. I refer to the Patriotic Socialist Party, too close in name to the National Socialist Party for my liking. I have had a look at their manifesto and there are a number of things which frankly worry me.

Their ten-point plan begins: The Patriotic Socialist Party advocates national and cultural identity in order to establish a national community of which anyone can belong, irrespective of someone’s ethnicity, religion, sexuality, age, disability, gender or origin.

It certainly sounds spooky, and I cannot but wonder what a ” national and cultural identity” really means, although it does smack of social engineering.

Their manifesto includes some more decidedly dodgy pronouncements. Here are some extracts:

Benefit System: Look at simplifying the administration to produce a single unified system.
See that existing recipients of Employment and Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance will be transferred to a new, simplified scheme following medical reassessment.

Child Benefits: Cap Child Benefits at two children.

Crime and Justice: Repeal the sections of the Equality Act 2010 relating to so-called „positive discrimination‟ as we believe that this is still discrimination and should be prohibited and not encouraged.
Outlaw the covering of the face in public buildings and any privately owned establishments at their discretion.
Legalise marijuana in order to regulate and tax it while imposing strict measures on its use as a recreational drug similar to those on the consumption and use of alcohol and cigarettes.

Police Force: Provide greater legal protection to Police Officers who are forced into physical confrontation and prevent convicted criminals from suing Police Officers.

Punishment and Rehabilitation: Ensure that when a life sentence is given there is no chance of release.

Defence: Increase the size of the British Armed Forces.
Introduce National Service for all for a period of one year between the ages of 18 and 25 in either military or civilian services.

Tax: Raise VAT to 25%.

Education: Ban all religious and private schools with all being required to attend state-schools with the reintroduction of state-funded grammar schools, of which admittance will be based solely on ability.
Empower teachers to proportionally deal with events of a physical nature in order to maintain order, without risk of prosecution. Ensure any abuse of this power is met with severe punishment.
Encourage competition at all stages of the education and curriculum.

Foreign Affairs: Abolish foreign aid and instead allow a system to be put in place whereby the British people can decide for themselves how much of their own money they wish to send overseas.

Government: Abolish the Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary system in favour of the formation of the United Federation of Britain.
See that all public and government buildings within Britain display the Union Flag.
Seek, with the consent of the Irish people, the reunification of the British Isles under a single central government.

Housing: Reduce the demand for housing through tighter controls on immigration into Britain.


One Response to Not another socialist party; definitely not

  1. c4442142 says:

    You have largely just selectively copy-pasted a bunch of points without further commentary. Surely you have a greater analytic skill than that?

    The one point you can be said to have made is to deride the idea of a ‘national and cultural identity’. I find it almost surreal to have to explain that this is a component of how most people in this country view themselves. The vast majority of people take moderate pride in their national culture. The Labour party’s inability to understand this has also cost them large swathes of their electorate to either apathy or other parties.

    The vast majority of people in this country also want socialist economic policies, the details of which the PSP outlined you have largely ignored – where do you as a Labour activist stand on this? They are undoubtedly well to the left of Labour on issues such as nationalising the banking system, energy companies, transport etc.

    The PSP, if anything, represents something closer to Attlee’s Labour party than anything else in politics today. Your derision of them is indicative of how much Labour has completely degenerated in the last two decades.

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