A bit of a shocker

MoyiesI paraphrase Matt Dent, who speculates about the surprise selection of Floyd Waterworth as UKIP’s Parliamentary Candidate for Rochford and Southend East in next May’s General Election. A bit of a shocker because James Moyies really did want the seat.

(At this point I should point out that James is wrong in his letter in support of his attempted candidature – UKIP have only three councillors in Rochford and Southend East. )

Here is James’ plea to his members, making it pretty clear that it was Rochford and Southend East, and only this constituency, that he was after. He also makes it clear that if unsuccessful he would not be seeking a seat elsewhere – we shall see how long that resolution lasts.

Winning in your own backyard is difficult. Party members view candidates quite differently from voters, and use alternate criteria. UKIP members have chosen to avoid profile. I know little about the internal dynamics of the South Essex branch of UKIP, but it is clear the Cllr Moyies years of campaigning were not thought as good as Cllr Waterworth’s near-zero profile. Cllr Waterworth represents the ward I live in and his is an invisible presence here.

I do not like James’ politics, but if you can get pass his obsession with the EU and immigrants he is quite a decent chap. I know little about Cllr Waterworth; and if I know little, bearing in mind my near obsession with politics, then to the electorate he will be a non-entity.

This will bring some cheer to James Duddridge MP and his Conservative team. Cllr Moyies, awful politics aside, would have been a handful as an opponent. Cllr Waterworth may yet prove to be equally effective, but James has more than four years’ head start.


9 Responses to A bit of a shocker

  1. Rob Brown says:

    I wonder if UKIP members have fallen for that trap of thinking that a suprise win must be due to an outstanding candidate rather than national politics and low win thresholds. I know many local politicos of all colours forgetting they only make a difference on the margins that 1,000 of the 1,500 votes in a ward are more or less predetermined in any given year.

    Absolutely hilarious that James didn’t get it. But I feel a tad sorry for him.

  2. Tony Cox says:

    Oh dear, trouble at UKIP mill goes public. I had this emailed to me earlier as well. I had heard whispers within UKIP that they are unhappy with Cllr Moyies lacklustre performance since being elected and the high opinion he has of himself.

  3. southendfox says:

    I also think unfortunately that people vote on party or non party lines in general so whether it is james or not will make little difference to the level of support. I hope James Duddridge doesnt get in though.

  4. southendfox: On another subject, what happened to your blogging?

  5. Rob Brown says:

    Oo gossip, Tony, lackluster, why? What has he done?

  6. Tony Cox says:

    Rob, precisely sod all in West Shoebury but spots a good game. The phrase empty vessel springs to mind.

  7. He’s been exhaustively active in comparison to the actual PPC UKIP have picked…. the only contribution I’ve seen has been to object to the discrimination against men when it comes to the council’s dress code – seriously?!

  8. The truth which is becoming evident is that UKIP in Southend are a completely amateur bunch. Aside from Mr Moyies, they had no interest in actually being councillors, and what passion they have comes from ego rather than any sense of public service.

    Like Tony, I’m shocked that now-Cllr Moyies has been so quiet. From his election campaign, you would have thought he was the last best and only champion of West Shoebury. I do hope he hasn’t gotten lost somewhere in the Civic Centre…

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