No door ever closed, but another opened

Will UKIP have to change their name if Scotland votes Yes?

The answer is, of course, ‘No’. UKIP’s name is already an anachronism as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is independent as it is.

The UK will cease to exist if it is a Yes victory on Thursday, and this will require all sorts of changes, not just to the Farage-led party. Our country may remain the UK in name, even if a chunk of Great Britain is no longer a part of it.

It does make me wonder about UKIP’s infatuation with all things indigenous. If Scotland votes Yes, then some might argue that any Scots now resident in a UK that excludes their homeland may be politely asked to move if UKIP get their way. Cllr James Moyies will be faced with a dilemma; this Scottish leader of UKIP on Southend-on-Sea Borough Council will become a foreigner if Scotland chooses independence.

Cha d’dhùin doras nach d’fhosgail doras.


8 Responses to No door ever closed, but another opened

  1. If Scotland *did* become independent, surely Cllr Moyies would have no automatic right to live and work in the rUK? Unless the newly independent Scotland joined the EU. Then EU freedom of movement provisions would allow him to live and work in Southend.

    Which would be a little awkward, no?

  2. James Moyies says:

    I know you are both joking…but wonder if you would make the same joke to someone of Asian or African descent who has lived in England more than twenty-seven years, has an English wife and 2 British teenage children born in Southend.

    No you wouldn’t…. because you would be called racist and removed as candidates for the Labour Party.

    For the record around 660,000 People born in Scotland live in England and around 440,000 people born in England now live in Scotland. That is over a million people who will feel any change very deeply.

  3. Okay, firstly I was indeed joking. And, as you said, it was clear I was joking. I strongly and sincerely hope that Scotland votes No on Thursday, and even if the result is yes I would be outraged if any rUK government attempted to exclude Scots from living and working here on the basis of where they were born, regardless of how long they have lived in England/Wales/NI or how established they are.

    Secondly, it was a pretty neat analogy with your party’s attitude towards citizens of other EU member states living and working in the UK.

    Yes, a lot of people would feel a Scottish yes vote very deeply. As would many other people in the event of the UK leaving the EU.

  4. Is James Moyies expressing outrage at his own party’s policy regarding immigration?

    I don’t see a joke – merely an exploration of UKIP’s policy towards immigration, and how this would affect Scots if Scotland gets independence.

  5. James Moyies says:

    I think your lack of knowledge of the law is worrying and that your ignorance of UKIP Policy on immigration fuels your intolerance.

    I was prepared to accept what you said as a joke. It’s obvious now that you meant something more sinister when you branded me a “foreigner”.

  6. I find nothing sinister in foreigners; it is telling that you do.

  7. Rob Brown says:

    I dare you to put a leaflet out saying that you won’t ask foreigners to leave the country James. Whether or not you want to remove foreigners I don’t know but a great deal of your voters think that is what UKIP stand for.

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