If you can’t stand the heat

Cllr Mark Flewitt is upset with me. The Conservative councillor for St Laurence ward writes a blog, and I often find it wanting. On such occasions I write my critique here.

In an email to me (copied to all councillors), and entitled “Your harassing and un-wanted blog contributions” he has written:

Your blog contribution to my blog are un-wanted and harassing.

I do not need to say any more than that, stop messaging or I will get legal advice.

I never look at your blog, I have no interest in it whatsoever.

Comments on his blog are moderated – this means he can delete them if he chooses. He often exercises this right.

If he writes a blog, which is in the public domain, and allows comments how can he then complain when this offer is taken up? I am puzzled. Of course I am bound to be largely critical – we are, after all, political opponents. He was scathing of the Conservatives when he was a Labour Party member – something he doubtless tries to forget nowadays.

Does Cllr Flewitt think his commentary, which also peppers the local print media, should go unchallenged? He may aspire to a North Korean norm when he publishes his world view – unfortunately for him I do not agree.

I suggest he seeks that legal advice. He should then decide whether he embraces the notion of public debate, and the accountability that comes with it, or not.

Mark’s blog can be read here.


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