Getting the job done

A road being re-surfaced today

A road being re-surfaced today

Whilst it has not been a perfect start, it has been a pretty good start. I refer to the Joint Administration, whose tenure in charge at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is about to hit the quarter- year mark – today is day ninety.

It appears to me that as compared to the somewhat turgid last days of the outgoing Conservative administration these ninety days have been characterised by the energy shown. The far-from-perfect Joint Administration, led in many ways by its Labour members, has shown initiative and vim in tackling some quite thorny subjects.

Progress is being made on seeing new social housing being built. Progress is being made in dealing with the eyesore that is Victoria Avenue’s derelict office blocks. Progress is being made with a number reviews of some of the more contentious decisions taken prior to June 5th’s red letter day.

Progress is being made on improving roads and re-surfacing works are in evidence across the borough.

Whilst it remains a challenge in challenging times, taking the town forwards is the goal, and progress has been made in those ninety days. We have been asked by the electorate to make Southend-on-Sea better, and we are getting the job done.


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