Labour candidate challenges ambulance trust boss

Southend West Labour Parliamentary candidate Julian Ware-Lane has criticised East of England Ambulance trust boss Dr. Anthony Marsh over his recent woeful performance.

The Chief Executive of the East of England Ambulance Service earns £232,000 plus a generous expense package which has seen him spend over £30,000 on hotel and taxi expenses. Under his management the trust has managed to miss most of the government targets set for it. In July the trust did not meet its own Red 1 emergency response target anywhere in the region.

One of the earliest sound bites issued by the Coalition Government was that we “were all in it together”. Never has such a statement sounded so hollow.

The story of the last few years has been of a growing pay divide with some Chief Executives like Dr. Marsh receiving salary bumps well in excess of those who work for them. Their pay rises are well in excess of inflation, whilst those that work for them are lucky to see a 1% rise.

Julian Ware-Lane said “Dr. Marsh is being excessively rewarded by the taxpayer, whilst the service he leads is woefully underperforming. His trust fails to meet many of the Government targets. This cannot be right.”


3 Responses to Labour candidate challenges ambulance trust boss

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  2. Now that Julian Ware-Lane is the “Southend West Labour Parliamentary candidate” (does the distinction between being a “prospective parliamentary candidate” and being a “parliamentary candidate” no longer apply?), I guess we are going to see far more of these “third party” press releases being re-blogged by Julian, the blogger, that we have got to know.

    It just feels strange; not even a “Last night the party released on my behalf the following press release: blah blah ”

    It’s as if the party press office gets direct control of the brains and social media of candidates and can uncritically pump out press releases through their blogs, and twitter feeds etc.

  3. outsidethemarginals: Point taken. It does appear rather naff, especially the third person quotes. I will prefix my press releases (which this is) in future.

    I will put more of my press releases here – I have no plans for other people’s press releases but rule nothing out.

    As to ‘prospective’ – it is a qualifier which, I believe, has fallen out of favour. As it is ‘”Labour’s Parluamentary Candidate for Southend West” is rather a mouthful already.

    I should add that this press release was entirely of my creation and nothing to do with Labour HQ (beyond my own campaign group).

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