Dreadful? My thoughts exactly – a dreadful leaflet from St Laurence’s Tory twosome

StLaurenceInTouch1 St Laurence Conservatives know how to produce a truly awful leaflet, and once again they are unstinting in their drive to lower the quality of political debate in their corner of Southend-on-Sea.

The leaflet is largely the work of former Havering Labour councillor Mark Flewitt (who tried to get elected as an Independent before adopting the blue rosette). His active, if somewhat erratic, imagination allows for interesting reading.

He is fighting a one-man campaign to get a new acronym adopted. He constantly refers to the Joint Administration as ‘LiL’ (“Labour Independent LibDem” as he describes it) – I cannot help but think he misses a trick by not opting for ‘ILL’. Anyway, since no-one else cares for his acronym this particularly fight is lost already.

Mark’s gymnastic abilities go beyond his ability to flit between political parties – he now opposes what he once promoted in the Council chamber. He seems to believe that he can execute these U-turns without anyone really noticing. Wrong.

He rubbishes a “so called specialist report” (initiated under the previous Conservative administration); describes it as “227 pages of largely technical detail“, and then makes the astonishing claim that it “reaches … an incredible conclusion and without explainable evidence.

Does Mark ever proof read what he writes? He complains about the quantity of technical detail and complains about a lack of evidence. This logic defying stance is enough in itself to justify why he does not deserve another term in the Council chamber.

He name checks Barling Parish councillor Adam Jones (forgetting to include his title on each occasion), but the picture that accompanies this piece has this year’s failed Conservative candidate Jonathan Hodge in it. Uh?

Cllr Flewitt is an irony-free zone, not only does he complain about the Ekco site re-development ( a brown field location), but the goes on to whine about (so called) proposals to build on Bishop House gardens.

He includes an item on Dementia friends – interesting. I have been at two Dementia Friends events and have only seen one other councillor there (not a Tory). If Flewitt insists on careering into any passing bandwagon he could at least turn up at the supporting events.

Claims that the Conservatives are the only opposition are wrong. The Joint Administration also excludes UKIP, a party who constantly out-Conservative the Conservative Party.

This leaflet is so poor that I am tempted to offer to deliver it for them – its ineptitude speaks for itself. The Tories were rejected in St Laurence this year, and I will be working to see them rejected in 2015.


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