Julian Ware-Lane selected to fight the General Election for Labour in Southend West

Julian with supporters

Julian with supporters

Leigh-on-Sea resident Cllr Julian Ware-Lane has been selected as the Labour Party’s candidate for Southend West at the next General Election, scheduled for May 2015.

Westcliff-born Julian will be running a campaign highlighting how the Conservative-led Government has let down residents in Southend West.

It is a tremendous honour to have been chosen to represent the Labour Party in my home constituency. I live within a mile of where I was born, and am committed to making my town a better place.” said Julian.

I will be aiming to get Labour’s message out to as many residents in Southend West as I can” added Julian. “There is an alternative to Conservative failure in Southend West, and that alternative is the Labour Party.

Chair of Southend West Labour Party, Charles Willis, said; “we are really pleased that Julian will be fighting for Labour in Southend West. He brings experience and energy, and is strong advocate for a fairer society.

Julian has appointed Cllr Kevin Robinson as his agent.


5 Responses to Julian Ware-Lane selected to fight the General Election for Labour in Southend West

  1. Joe Cooke- Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Castle Point says:

    Congrats – fellow PPC!!! Well deserved!

  2. Congratulations Julian. I wish you all the best in coming second! 🙂


  3. I am aiming for first place!

  4. James Moyies says:

    Congratulations Julian. It’s a shame you will take some working class voters away from UKIP.

  5. jayman says:

    That’s odd, I thought UKIP went beyond the working classes and appealed to the lowest common denominator of any class. how’s the UKIP manifesto coming on? It’s so hard to make emotive and counter intuitive right-wing nonsense seem at all plausible when its on paper I suppose. Just go for the old fashioned methods and hold a rally instead.

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