Switcher Toby’s blog

Toby Mountain is a Rochford District Councillor, elected as a Conservative and now serving as an Independent. He has a blog, the not self-effacingly titled Rayleigh View (does he really speak for all of Rayleigh?)

Under About Us is this: A view of Rochford District from the perspective of a Rayleigh resident

The use of the plural is either a mistake, or Cllr Mountain has royal pretensions. He also refers to himself in the plural under Comment (Contact Us Please feel free to contribute comments to any of our news items)

He writes: Toby is committed to increasing openness and transparency – but apparently this does not extend to allowing his voters a say on his change of party allegiance.


One Response to Switcher Toby’s blog

  1. Many thanks for your constructive feedback regarding the site. As I am relatively new to blogging I’m happy to take advice from experience. Amendments now made as suggested, however ‘Contact Us’ is a default setting but I will contact the website designer to request the change. Kind Regards Toby
    (ps – I don’t assume to speak for Rayleigh, my site is aimed to be a source of news and information for residents. At times I will articulate a personal ‘view’ of a situation and as a resident of Rayleigh, I rather enjoy the scenic views in and around the town. The name for the site came to mind whilst I was looking out and admiring the views from the top of the Holy Trinity Church Tower at the time I was considering setting up a blog site)

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