The anonymous route

I get the occasional anonymous letter – usually a rant from someone somewhat to the right of my politics. I read carefully, and would politely respond if I could. The trouble is, anonymous letters do not allow me to respond.

I do not know why some choose anonymity – I am not violent and am polite even to those whom I strongly disagree with. Maybe the anonymous route allows them to vent their frustrations without fear of being challenged or corrected.

I am not keen on anonymous responses on this blog, although I do allow them. At least I can reply to comments made here.

I think anonymity undermines the strength of any argument and somewhat challenges the integrity of the hidden author.

So, by all means challenge my views. I enjoy dialectic debate – it really is the only way forward for those whose views differ. But please give me a way to respond. Those that bother to put pen to paper would be best advised to give me that chance.


One Response to The anonymous route

  1. Angelina says:

    This post was accompanied by an add for Gaviscon. Should be recommended to anon letter writers and keyboard warriors for all that bile they suffer from.

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