Southend-on-Sea Borough Council: The Cabinet

There appears to be confusion in some quarters as to who has what responsibilities in the Cabinet. Hopefully this table will clear things up.

Ron Woodley Independent Thorpe Leader
Ian Gilbert Labour Victoria Community Development
Graham Longley Liberal Democrat Blenheim Park Enterprise, Tourism and Economic Development
Martin Terry Independent Thorpe Public Protection and Waste
Anne Jones Labour Kursaal Children and Learning
Mike Assenheim Independent Shoeburyness Regulatory Control
David Norman Labour Victoria Adult Social Care, Health and Housing

Admittedly there is a lot of grey insofar that there is overlap between portfolios. Also, the titles are a shorthand description of responsibilities.

There are now seven in the Cabinet, a reduction of one on the previous administration.


5 Responses to Southend-on-Sea Borough Council: The Cabinet

  1. Hi, Can you let me know who is responsible for roads and infrastructure. Not very clear from that. Thanks.

  2. My belief is that that falls within Martin Terry’s area.

  3. southendfox says:

    Isn’t Martin Terry the new Tony Cox in which case shouldnt it be Public Protection, parking (the old transport) and waste?

  4. That is my understanding. I have taken the portfolio titles from the SBC website.

  5. “the new Tony Cox” – Now there’s a title!

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