Hospital parking charges going up

Car parking charges at Southend University Hospital are to rise. The changes will take effect from Friday 1 August with rates revised as follows:

Up to 30 minutes free
Up to 3 hours £3
3 to 6 hours £4
6 to 12 hours £6
Over 12 hours and up to 24 hours £10
7 day concession £10

Full details of parking charges can be found on the hospital’s website.

It is worth remembering that NHS in-patients were to receive free car parking if Labour had won the 2010 general election.


2 Responses to Hospital parking charges going up

  1. dave batter says:

    An example of bribery not working

  2. Patient Patient says:

    At least your parking is pay on foot – so you pay when you know what is due!

    I am sick of pay and display – where you have to guess how long you are going to wait (or whether the inpatient you are visiting is having a good day or not). Guess wrong and you end up wasting money (guess too long) or getting fined/clapped etc (guess too short).

    It’s as if the system is designed to extract money from you – like tokens for Hospitalmedia units. (They, by the way, are still playing the Andrew Lansley video nasty – “you will get better and you will appreciate us – or else”)

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