A trio complete – policy and resources

Last night saw the third and last of this cycle’s scrutiny committees. Policy and Resources Scrutiny was an uncontentious affair and lasted only fifty minutes. For some reason only one of the two UKIP members on this committee were present.

The monthly performance data elicited some interesting questions from Cllrs Borton and Nevin. This data is issued monthly, and within it is some very important information and effective scrutiny is vital.

There were a number of questions about the Joint Administration’s commitment to reviewing three key decisions by the previous Conservative administration. These were centred on the cost of the reviews, whether there would be delays, and the timetabling of these reviews. I suspect these questions will be repeated in one form or another over the coming months.

Cllr Lesley Salter (Conservative, Belfairs) has a special interest in social housing (as the previous portfolio holder in this area) and was particularly exercised (in the short debate on the Investigation of potential development sites on HRA land) over the issues of financing and the right to buy.

All in all it has been a good scrutiny cycle for the Joint Administration. Onwards and upwards …


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