Strangers in the chamber

The Southend-on-Sea Borough Council website has a page for each councillor, this (usually) shows a photo, their address, and lists their responsibilities.

The UKIP councillor in Prittlewell has a curious address – it is a business address on an industrial estate.

This unit appears to have been home to a number of businesses –

Deltamail Ltd


EJS Autofactors

Q B Motor Services

I am not suggesting there is anything wrong in this, but it is curious. I do, though, suspect that we have yet another councillor in the chamber that lives outside of the borough.

UKIP campaigned robustly on an anti-immigration ticket this year. It would seem that they do not see anything wrong in a stranger in the council chamber. Is this double standards?


2 Responses to Strangers in the chamber

  1. neilmonnery says:

    Just for the record, said councillor does in fact have a registered address within the borough. Why that address isn’t listed on the council’s website is unknown.

  2. I have had a couple of conversations tonight that confirm that he does live in the borough. It is curious though.He is not the first to have used a business address, and doubtless will not be the last.

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