Vote Green get UKIP

For some reason I am to blame for the lack of reporting of Green Party figures by the pollsters. A Green activist chooses to interpret this as my not giving the true picture. Aside from the question of why I should promote the Greens, I am far from selective in my reporting. I do not control the polling companies – if you do not like what they report complain to them, not me.

Anyway, so I tried to find where the Greens have been included in the reported opinion polls, and out of thirty-one since the May elections I found five. Here they are:

Lab Con LD UKIP Grn
12/06/2014 YouGov 36 34 6 14 5
18/06/2014 Ipsos MORI 34 31 8 14 8
21/06/2014 Opinium 35 31 7 17 5
23/06/2014 Ashcroft 33 28 9 17 7
23/06/2014 Populus 37 32 9 13 3

Now, whichever way you look at it the Green Party is fifth. They tie fourth on one poll, and in the others they are some way behind the Liberal Democrats.

If you want some actual numbers, as aside from polling, look at these –

I think you get the picture.

For more numbers, take the Kursaal result this year.

612 UKIP
576 Labour
375 Conservative
170 Green
95 Liberal Democrat

If the Green Party had not decided to stand we may well have got our Labour candidate in, a classic example of vote Green get UKIP if ever there was one.


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