Done undone

In my travels around the political blogosphere in my corner of Essex I noticed that Jonathan Hodge’s blog is no more. The following message is now shown: This user has elected to delete their account and the content is no longer available.

Jonathan was the unsuccessful Conservative candidate in St Laurence ward last month. Does this mean his retirement from local politics, or is he setting himself up for a challenge away from St Laurence next year? I guess we will have to wait and see.

I also note that former Liberal Democrat councillor, Paul Collins, is also retiring his blog, although he is, for the moment anyway, allowing the content to remain visible.

Some bloggers just allow their blogging to lapse, making no announcement of a cessation of activity, whereas others give the appearance of death (through long periods of inactivity) only to come to life after months of doing nothing.

These periods of quiescence are annoying – as I like to read, and occasionally comment, on the writings of others I visit them in the vain hope that something has been added. Politiical commentary and debate is important, and for some nowadays their entire political education comes from the web.

The View from the Pier is a frustrating example of the ‘is it/is it not’ dead blog. I have no idea who was behind it, but it certainly looked very promising for a while. Some seven months have elapsed since the last posting, which is either a long holiday or they have given up.


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