unnamedTheir near-invisibility in the campaign meant that for some of us last night’s Full Council gave us a first peak at Southend-on-Sea’s new UKIP councillors. St Laurence residents will be relieved that their chosen represent turned up, which is more than what Cllr Lee Burling did at the count. I have heard Cllr Burling described as “Ukip-Pimpernel” – after much seeking he has at last deigned to venture amongst us.

Looking through the list of appointments I see Lawrence Davies, UKIP’s councillor in Kursaal ward, has acquired a couple of positions. Has he now abandoned plans to move to Cambridge in the summer? He has deleted the Facebook entry (see image) where he announced this (in April) but could still remain a councillor despite moving. Maybe election has changed his mind – only time will tell.


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