Victors, and their majorities

Here are the winners in the local elections in Southend-on-Sea.

ward winner party majority second*
Thorpe Martin Terry Independent 1606 Conservative
Chalkwell Nigel Folkard Conservative 382 Independent
West Leigh Fay Evans Conservative 349 Liberal Democrat
Shoeburyness Nick Ward Independent 334 Conservative
St Luke’s Caroline Endersby Independent 302 Labour
West Shoebury James Moyies UKIP 300 Conservative
Belfairs Mo Butler Conservative 270 Independent
Milton Cheryl Nevin Labour 266 Conservative
Westborough Kevin Robinson Labour 244 UKIP
St Laurence Lee Burling UKIP 219 Conservative
Eastwood Park Andrew Moring Conservative 197 UKIP
Westborough Mike Royston Labour 191 UKIP
Victoria Margaret Borton Labour 186 UKIP
Leigh Carole Mulroney Liberal Democrat 173 Conservative
Southchurch Derek Kenyon Independent 146 Conservative
Blenheim Park Floyd Waterworth UKIP 123 Conservative
Prittlewell Tino Callaghan UKIP 121 Conservative
Kursaal Lawrence Davies UKIP 36 Labour

(*Both Westborough’s majorities are calculated against the third placed candidate.)

It is difficult to say what this all means as these were unusual elections. Kursaal is very marginal again, it has a history of delivering narrow victories. Thorpe looks like nothing short of an earthquake will shift the Independents.

For Labour our safest ward delivered the smallest majority, and our most marginal the biggest. I do not believe there has been a big change in demographics or our support – the strong showing for UKIP obviously changed the electoral dynamic.

The hopes for the Liberal Democrats in West Leigh were not realised as January’s narrow by-election Tory victory was turned into a pretty handsome margin this time around.


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