The Matryoshka post: I write about Gray writing about St Luke’s

Gray Sergeant has written thoughtful account of his campaign in St Luke’s (St Luke’s Result 2014). I would add a couple of points.

Firstly, it must be remembered that this seat was being defended by a Conservative, a popular Conservative. Gray beat her, ensuring third spot for the blues.

Secondly, in 2012 the Independent Group had a 336 majority – this year that was reduced to 302. (In 2011 it was 601 – there certainly is a trend developing.)

Thirdly, democracy does not exist without opposing views and candidates representing those views. Whatever the St Luke’s residents thought of Labour at least Gray presented them with a socialist alternative.

We must, as democrats, accept the will of the people, and so I offer my congratulations to Cllr Endersby and hope she serves her four years with distinction.

As for Gray, he surely has a bright political future in front of him.

The result:

Caroline Endersby Independent 965 38.6%
Gray Sergeant Labour 663 26.5%
Sally Carr Conservative 557 22.3%
ABC Independent 246 9.8%
Pamela Waldie Liberal Democrat 70 2.8%

2 Responses to The Matryoshka post: I write about Gray writing about St Luke’s

  1. southendfox says:

    Unfortunately Paul van looy is too popular and spearheads all campaigns which means people think they are voting for him. He spends a long time sitting in the independent hq aka the community cafe and this means there will be an increased majority next set of elections for independents no matter what others may say.

  2. AndyB says:

    At my end of St Lukes it seemed like Gray was certainly holding his own but as said above I guess the Cluny Square brigade was too strong. Hope that he hasn’t been too distracted from the finals. Only one shot at those but dozens of local elections to come.

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