The uncosted pipe dreams of UKIP in Kursaal

KursaalUKIPLawrence Davies has a number of priorities which leave me a little puzzled as to where he imagines the money for these will come from.

He wants professional staff in libraries (these are already in some, so I presume he refers to Southchurch and Westcliff Libraries only as these will soon have no full-time staff) which seems a reasonable aspiration. However, he also wants to reduce parking fees – which will deliver a sizeable hole in the budget. (His wish to review the decision to close the Council’s Care Homes is not without cost either, particularly if it is reversed.) He also wants to focus on debt reduction.

I can only presume that the money will come from cuts elsewhere or a hike in council tax. Either way, he conveniently avoids including his contact details – I guess he does not want the voters in Kursaal to ask these sorts of awkward questions.

He also wishes to extend the tourist season (why the change of font for ‘season’?) – is he suggesting that traders deliberately pack up early? Unless he can change the weather the season is governed by commercial factors.

The reverse of this leaflet is generic; it has the same nonsense that Tino Callaghan had on his.

It does state at the top ‘5 reasons to vote UKIP in St Laurence’ – has Mr Davies forgotten where he is standing? Or did he forget to proof-read this piece of recycled rubbish? He also manages to misspell ‘grammar’ schools!


7 Responses to The uncosted pipe dreams of UKIP in Kursaal

  1. “Maximise the potential of the airport for job creation in the local economy”

    But UKIP policy would absolutely TANK the airport!

  2. Same drivel here from UKIP in West Shoebury. If you look closely, they are the same ‘priorities’ as the Independents. Coalition in full swing!

  3. jayman says:

    The key question for any councillor to answer is ‘why’ do I wish to become a councillor. There is no salary ‘as such’ the hours can be long ‘if bothered with’ and the job can be thankless ‘if done properly and appropriately’. As we (in theory) have a representative democracy, we should have half a dozen low ranking care workers, a few cleaning staff, some factory workers, some leisure and tourism sector workers and (as a representative quantity) no right-wing business owners/middle managers whatsoever!

  4. As we (in theory) have a representative democracy, we should have …

    There is a difference between being “represented by someone who looks like you” and “your views being represented”.

    A council with “half a dozen low ranking care workers, a few cleaning staff, some factory workers, some leisure and tourism sector workers” could be totally reactionary (I suspect that UKIP could find members in all those occupations) or totally progressive (I suspect that the Greens have members in all those occupations).

    It is possible for progressive Labour views to be represented by the son of a Viscount, or for regressive Right Wing views to be represented by a street-cleaner (no disrespect to the majority of street-cleaners!).

    The objective has to be to elect councillors / MPs who will do a good job of individually representing us when we need support against an over-bearing administration, and who collectively form a body that is (in its political views) broadly representative of the whole electorate.

    We need, but do not have, a diversity of views in our councils or in our (UK) parliament (more) to achieve that “broad representativeness” which should give legitimacy to our various legislatures.

    The current electoral system ensures that nearly all except what is seen as the “main stream” is squeezed out (to give decisive election results”). The parties’ selection committees and whips then ensure that within parties diversity of opinion is squeezed out (to avoid the appearance of splits and disunity). The system gives power disproportionately to the biggest minority caucus within the biggest minority party.

    So if you do not support current Conservative, Labour or Liberal uorthodoxyn your views are unlikely to be represented. And yet it is quite possible that a (suppressed) minority view in one party may actually be part of an (unrepresented) majority view in the country.

    This may then gives rise to Julian’s bête noire: Independents! Or a another complete disenchantment with the system – which then makes attractive anyone who promises to “give the current lot a good kicking” (without actually saying what they would do).

  5. Dave says:

    Same dribble in rochford. What makes me laugh is their promise to get rid of councillor allowances. And yet UKIP Cllr Gibbs (also now trying to stand for hawkwell) doesn’t turn UKIP at meetings at county but wait for…still takes his nice fat cat allowance….

  6. jayman says:

    Hi enfranchiseme2

    I believe we have two types of political dialogue in this country. We have the tribal drums of the right-wing, ever increasing in volume yet lacking any content, social capital or thought ‘the Neanderthal loves the drum’. Then we have the honeyed words and best intentions of the left. We would all like to live in this world, however we are constantly waiting for its delivery. At a local level these differences are subtle. It is at the local level however, that corruption occurs (far away from the goldfish bowl of central politics) where much more can be ‘got away with’. A good approach is to show a degree of contempt towards anyone who asks for my vote. I would much rather stage the worlds most difficult job interview rather then the usual ‘pin the rosette on the donkey’ game. That said, If you vote UKIP you may as well be voting for a cardboard cut out. I have stepped in puddles that have more depth then that party.

  7. Neal says:

    Same drivel here, eh Tony. Could possibly be that they have taken a leaf out of the tory/labour book for spouting drivel.

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