The unwanted garden board and the very very rude Liberal Democrat

So, I get some third-hand news which sounds a little disturbing. I decide that I must make a small detour on my way home to investigate.

I call on a resident in Bridgwater Drive (in Blenheim Park ward) to find out for myself if what I was told was true. It was.

The resident in question discovered that the local Liberal Democrats had put a garden stake with poster on her property. She had not asked for one, and when she asked them to remove it the gentleman who turned up was “very very rude”.

The lady told me she was a lifelong Labour supporter – she was embarrassed to have been linked with the Liberal Democrats. She was also taken aback that they could be so aggressive.

This leads me to wonder quite what is going on. Firstly, elections are essentially popularity contests – intimidating disabled single women is not going to make you many friends.

Secondly, are the Lib Dems now so desperate for votes that they are sticking these garden boards up without first seeking permission? I had already heard reports of some dodgy behaviour in this respect, although this is the first one I have had first-hand experience of.

The Lib Dems are fighting a number of desperate defences in the Borough this year. They need every vote they can harvest, and then that may not be enough. But they should not allow their desperation to make their behaviour so bad.

Every Labour garden board and poster goes up on request – we never put them up unless asked to do so. Clearly this is not true for the Liberal Democrats. It is possible that they have a rogue pair of hands who needs some tutoring to improve his inter-personal skills. Whatever, there is a Blenheim Park resident who needs an apology.


3 Responses to The unwanted garden board and the very very rude Liberal Democrat

  1. Ed says:

    Nearly 25 years ago I lived in Rayleigh Road at the entrance to a polling station. During one election one certain Mr Graham Longley who lived along the same stretch of road decided to bang in a row of Libdem diamond boards. Words were spoken and the boards removed. Interesting to hear the LibDems are still upto the same old tricks decades later. Excuse was the previous occupier was a Libdem supporter despite us having lived in the property during several other elections.

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  3. David Glover. Secretary. RAW 2012. says:

    Removed by the Moderator.

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