How long can this pretence go on?

Cllr Anne Chalk says again, in the Letters page of today’s Southend Echo, that party politics has no place in local government. If she really believes this then should leave her Independent Group, a party in all but name. She will not, and the reason she will not is because she realises that being organised and part of team makes you far more effective.

The real difference between the Independent Group and the parties in Southend-on-Sea is that the parties are at least honest about working together. It surely shows just how ridiculous the Independent Group’s stance is when they start describing their chosen candidates as ‘official’ or ‘real’ members of the Independent Group. At heart they are a collective that fears real debate or being challenged.

As to the shambles that was the Shoeburyness hustings; it was clear that Cllr Chalk wanted a fixed contest, and got it.


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