The truth is putting its trousers on

VicLeeVic Lee is being somewhat less than truthful when he claims that the changes to the traffic island outside of the Cliffs Pavilion were due to “a hard fought campaign by Milton Conservatives”.

The idea that either Cllr Caunce or Cllr J. Garston would fight hard for anything might stretch credibility in some people’s eyes – they certainly have done very little to arrest the over-development that is endemic to the area.

However, the changes to this traffic island and adjacent road layout came as a result of funding from the Better Bus Area Projects, and I was as involved in discussions as the two Conservative councillors.

I must say, though, that the changes to the traffic island are not entirely to my satisfaction: I would have preferred to see a third pedestrian crossing (going east-west) and bee-friendly shrubs (instead of the palms that the Council has a fetish about).

This leaflet also mentions the Milton Neighbourhood Meetings (which Mr Lee calls a Police Action Panel). At the end of last night’s meeting Mr Lee decided to show some residents his election campaign material. He only put this away after I objected, but I wonder how he could think it at all acceptable to tout for votes at these sort of meetings.

Vic is another who likes to show his local campaigner credentials – except that he lives five miles from the ward, and has only been seen doing anything in the last month or so.

I note that this is yet another Conservative leaflet with councillor email addresses on it. I can say with some certainty that it looks like it is only the Labour Party in Southend-on-Sea that plays by the rules.


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