Rising landfill costs

One of the things the Conservative administration like to be triumphant about is the rising rates of recycling for household rubbish. This is welcome news. We have to look after the environment, and recycling rather than dumping is part of the solution to climate change and pollution. It also addresses the issue of dwindling finite resources.

I was intrigued to find out the true nature of the other factor in recycling – cost. Dumping stuff in landfill sites, we were continually being told, costs all of us a lot of money. The problem for me was that the actual amounts involved were never given. And so, I went about finding out what these were.

Year Disposal and Landfill Tax cost Tonnage Landfilled
2010/11 £2,672,004.96 41,213.81
2011/12 £2,852,860.28 39,009.14
2012/13 £2,982,099.82 37,095.94

These numbers tell us that despite improved recycling rates we (the tax payers in Southend-on-Sea) are paying more than ever. Thus, whilst it can be seen that the landfilled tonnages are dropping, the cost is rising.

Surely we should be aiming to reduce cost as well as tonnage, and I hope that progress in this area will be reported on in future. I think seeing the costs involved will act as a further incentive to maximise our recycling. Not only will we end up with a greener borough, we will have saved money doing so.


One Response to Rising landfill costs

  1. David Glover. Secretary. RAW 2012. says:

    All so called “waste materials” should be capable of being recycled.
    If said materials are not recyclable then they should not be used in the first place!

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