Can you trust a candidate who gets so much wrong?

PrittlewellUKIPMuch of Tino Callaghan’s leaflet is recycled from his recent West Leigh campaign – it was rubbish then, it is still rubbish now.

Mr Callaghan is a mere year older than me, although whether wiser is for others to judge.

He has a tenuous grasp of the rules of grammar, but I concede he is not unique amongst council candidates in this respect. However, I cannot work out whether he means that he attended Prittlewell High (which would have been called Fairfax High School for Boys when he was young) or he intended to say that his two children were pupils there. This sloppiness does not inspire confidence for someone who wishes to scrutinise the Council’s sometimes technical papers. Accuracy is everything.

You would imagine he would know when he joined UKIP – on this leaflet he claims he “joined UKIP in 2005”; in 2011 he claiming he “joined UKIP in 2006”.

He does not like rental properties and appears to suggest that there is something wrong about investing in property. I campaign about over-development too. However, that is because Milton ward (which I represent) is 150% of the borough’s average density – Prittlewell is below the average. This is another example of UKIP scaremongering that does not stand up when the facts are actually looked at.

He asserts “The other big issue is the influx of tenants coming from Haringey council next year”. Most Southenders have London links and either came to the town from the metropolis, or their parents and grandparents did. My parents were South Londoners – Peckham and Eltham – I presume he holds this against me (or it is just Haringey that offends him?)

Of course, much like the predicted influx from Romania and Bulgaria that UKIP were shouting about, it may not come to pass. But it does say two things about UKIP’s campaigning: they are prepared to make outlandish claims that have no basis in fact, and they are prepare to play on the fear of strangers. Both are contemptible.


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