Reporting back (sort of)

Judging but what is written both in leaflets and online some candidates and councillors are not content with mere reporting a pothole or dumped rubbish, but have to be photographed with the newly repaired hole or now-clean space. I have not done this. Oh, I wish I had the luxury to go back to everything I have reported on. I have always taken the view that once something has been reported it is then my duty to move onto the next thing that needs sorting out.

I have not counted the number of individual communications with residents, nor noted how many potholes and where they were spotted. I have not noted every reported instance of rubbish or graffiti, and I have not kept records as to who else I have spoken with or written to and the many other issues I have had to deal with.

Take it from me it has been many potholes, much rubbish, and more besides.

I am not beyond reporting here some of this, but it is usually to highlight failure. So, dear Milton resident, please accept that when find that mattress has been removed, or some graffiti cleared up then it probably is at my instigation. When you note that some potholes have been filled in, it was probably at my instigation. If you uneven pavement is no longer uneven, I probably had a hand in it.

However, that is not to say that everything is perfect in Milton ward – far from it. So keep letting me know what you want fixed.

So, in a (perhaps feeble) attempt to list some of the things I have achieved in my two years as councillor, here is an incomplete list:

• Fly-tipping reported, fly-tipping removed
• Dog excrement and sundry other litter issues dealt with
• Graffiti reported
• Parking scheme in and around Queens Road revisited and improved (all three ward councillors were involved, but this happened after my pushing very hard for it)
• Parking survey produced and distributed in south Westcliff (this was with the cooperation of Cllrs Caunce and J Garston, but I wrote, printed and delivered every single survey)
• Double yellow lines removed from a number of places across the ward
• Many planning applications challenged in an attempt to slow down overdevelopment
• Opposed Cliffs Museum proposal
• Opposed Lagoon proposal (by Adventure Island)
• Hedges and vegetation by rail lines reported (and dealt with) in three locations
• Junction of Hamlet Court Road and Station Road resurfaced
• Assisted in street clean-up (Burdett Avenue)
• Help organise alley clean-up (Seaforth Road)
• Continual liaison with Police regarding drug and anti-social behaviour issues
• Wall re-built
• A number of new dog waste bins
• Met with Cliffs Pavilion management regarding their patrons’ parking
• A number of issues to do with homelessness
• Encouraged landlords to tidy up gardens
• Got rubbish removed from besides rail lines
• Am encouraging (without success so far) bus companies to lay on more services
• Many uneven pavements reported
• Cut arounds for some street trees (to enable trees access to water)
• Noisy nightclubs and pubs reported
• Bedroom tax issues
• Poor rental accommodation made better

All this in addition to my other campaigning (Victoria Gateway made safer, betting shops, urban woods, grammar schools, FOBTs. Community pubs, council waste, coach park, standing up for libraries, care home closures, Crooked House flood line, sign clutter, etc.)

(As soon as I put this up I am bound to remember something else.)


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