The slates across Essex

Here is a summary of the number of local election candidates standing in Essex on May 22.

Lab Con Lib Dem UKIP Green Others
Basildon 15 15 11 15 3
Brentwood 13 13 11 10 6
Castle Point 14 14 8 6
Colchester 20 20 20 14 20 2
Epping Forest 15 19 14 9 9 10
Harlow 12 12 7 12 4
Rochford 11 13 3 8 2 4
Southend-on-Sea 18 18 18 12 3 10
Thurrock 16 16 14 16 2
total 134 140 98 104 34 47

To the best of my knowledge (the occasional by-election aside) there are no elections in Braintree, Chelmsford, Maldon, Tendring and Uttlesford.

I always regret when Labour fall short of a full slate, although we only miss out in two authorities. Another Liberal Democrat blank in Castle Point, and perilously close to one in Rochford. Only in Southend-on-Sea do the Lib Dems achieve a full slate (for the first time in four years).

UKIP have a full slate in two places. In Castle Point it looks like they have done a deal with the Canvey Island Independent Party as they split the borough between them. In Southend-on-Sea it looks like a UKIP agreement with the ’official’ (sic) Independent Group.

Colchester and Epping Forest aside, the Greens are clearly struggling.

The far right in the form of the National Front have three candidates, and there is a single English Democrat standing.


2 Responses to The slates across Essex

  1. Del says:

    my ex wife lives in colchester and i have seen local election leaflets in her house which would make me assume there are elections there,

  2. Thanks for correcting me – I have amended this blog post to reflect the Colchester numbers.

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