Wot she ain’t learn’d

LadnerIt is not until you reach the bottom of the leaflet that you see a mention of Jane Ladner’s (Conservative) party. There definitely is a theme developing here. Another is that she is somewhat confused as to what election she is contesting (q.v. Cllr Cox) – she “loves the town she hopes to represent”. Jane will be elected to represent Kursaal ward if she manages to defy electoral gravity, not Southend.

That number she quotes for those who “need a lift” looked suspicious so I tried it – yup, 01701 600460 is an invalid number. She also manages to get the times that the polls open wrong (polling commences at 7am). Jane is a former teacher – she gets a D minus for this pitiful effort.

Among the reasons Jane gives for voting Conservative is education – yet education in the borough is a disaster. Southend schools are often in Special Measures, and we fall below national averages in all areas of educational attainment. She boasts of working as a “Manager within the Department of Children and Learning at Southend Borough Council” – something I would have been inclined to have been quiet about.


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