Shy Hodge

HodgeThe really interesting thing about this leaflet is that it does not mention the Conservative Party at all. This leads me to conclude that Jonathan Hodge (who is the Conservative Party candidate in St Laurence) is both embarrassed by his party, and is trying to distance himself from them.

One could also conclude that he becomes yet another Tory who whilst ready to criticise the Independent Group is quite prepared to dress up in their clothes.

I should also add that if being young is such a political bonus then I am obliged to point out that Labour has the youngest team in the borough of Southend-on-Sea.


7 Responses to Shy Hodge

  1. jayman says:

    what is it with Tory councillors in St Laurence with links to Southend airport operations. i mean, first their is A*** J**** who owns the PR company B**** who have a PR contract with Southend airport.. Now we have Jonathan Hodge who is splashing Southend airport into his literature… hmmmm.

  2. Jonathan Hodge says:

    Sorry to disappoint you ‘Jayman’ but there’s no conspiracy here, I just think the airport is fantastic

  3. jayman says:

    I trust my councillors to have an intendant view in order to act in the best interests of the people of Southend. A quick question, at what point would Southend airport become ‘not a fantastic thing’ in your view?

    although i doubt there is a conspiracy (as such) i am incredibly cautious on account of the fact that the Tory party is the family home of corruption..

  4. Jonathan Hodge says:

    Jayman please feel free to contact me directly on my mobile or via email, details for both of which are on my election materials which have gone to all St Laurence residents, if you wish to constructively discuss issues affecting the ward

  5. jayman says:

    I prefer open forum conversation

  6. Come on Jonathan, we all want to read your views!

    By the way, are you sponsored by EasyJet?

  7. Jonathan Hodge says:

    No but I do fly with them! Excellent service

    ‘Open’ conversation with a pseudonymous poster who twice suggested I am corrupt in the space of two posts? Besides which I fail to see how offering my email address and telephone number fall short of being ‘open’…

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