UKIP councillor believes that links to the English Democrats creates negative views

In an earlier post I incorrectly stated that Jamie Burton, a UKIP candidate in Rochford District (Grange ward), had previously stood as a candidate for the English Democrats. I have corrected this. I have also apologised. It was a genuine mistake, and goes to show that despite my best attempts to be as accurate as possible occasionally human error creeps in.

Mr Burton feels that being associated with the English Democrats is libellous and creates negative views about him, which rather leads me to wonder what this says for two of his UKIP fellow candidates in Rochford who are former English Democrat candidates. He feels so aggrieved by my error that he threatens legal action.

What does this mean for Jason Hodson (UKIP candidate for Whitehouse ward) and John Hayter (Trinity ward)? Will UKIP de-select them now that their former allegiance is considered so poisonous?

To quote from the two emails that Mr Burton sent to me:

I have never represented the English Democrats at any election, at any level of politics. I have never been a member of the English Democrats and have never even so much as voted for them.

You have deliberately attempted to mislead your readers by suggesting a link between myself and the English Democrats. You have then followed this up with an attempt to link the English Democrats and the BNP. Both you and I know that any association with the BNP could severely damage ones credibility come election time. As I have absolutely no connection with either the English Democrats or BNP, I would like you to rectify your intentional attempt to dis-credit me without delay. This is not an error on your part. Had I stood in many elections as a candidate for different parties I could perhaps afford you the benefit of the doubt. However, as my political career thus far has only ever consisted of standing at one election as detailed above, and as it is clear you have an obvious dislike of UKIP, I believe your intentions were intentionally to mislead those that may read your posting.

Rest assured, should this not be done to my satisfaction within the next few hours, I too may consider taking legal action against you for making libellous statements.

Please create a new posting high-lighting your error, and apologise for mis-leading and confusing those who may have read your original posting.

Only then, will I be satisfied that you have taken appropriate steps to reverse any negative views of me that your posting may have caused.

I have forwarded our exchange of e-mails to both my family solicitor and UKIP’s legal representatives along with a screen shot of your original post.


3 Responses to UKIP councillor believes that links to the English Democrats creates negative views

  1. Malcolm Fincken says:

    The fragmentation, acrimony and vitriol that we are increasingly seeing among extreme right wing parties show that their current popularity will be short-lived.

  2. mickgreenhough says:

    UKIP are not a Right Wing party except in the minds of the Leftards but very much of the Centre. see 2012 – 016 Left, Right and Centre

  3. Dave Ballard says:

    I don’t see any mention that one of these is an ex Tory (Gibbs) who had an appalling record of going to council meetings?? (Was he thrown out?) I wish I knew this before voting for him in rayleigh when he stood for ukip! Mother in law had a leaflet today and he is standing in her area too – I wanted to contact him but no number, no email – Buyer beware label needed for the people of rochford! Don’t vote for someone who can’t even bother to go to meetings.

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