Ill-advised twittering from Westborough’s UKIP candidate


Carl Whitwell is one of the two UKIP candidates standing in Westborough ward this year. Carl is a young man, and like many young men embraces new media. He has a presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are a couple of screen shots from Mr Whitwell’s Twitter account. To say his posts make interesting reading somewhat understates it. There is much that I cannot post here without offending decency. His posts certainly border on the racist, sexist and homophobic, if they do not actually cross that line.

UKIP are attracting attention owing to ill-judged comments from some of their candidates (Ukip candidates add to Nigel Farage’s woes with a barrage of racism). I think Mr Whitwell may have some explaining to do. His Twitter feed is full of references to UKIP and he makes no attempt to separate his political comments from others.

Clearly UKIP were struggling to find candidates for the Southend-on-Sea Borough Council elections, but surely some quality control is in place. In the meantime I suggest Mr Whitwell engage his brain before committing anything more to Twitter.



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