That was the week that was

Admiring the scenery in St Luke's ward

Admiring the scenery in St Luke’s ward

Phew, what a week. As I write my back aches, my feet are sore, and my knees are also feeling the strain. Age, being unfit, and twenty-nine years of football are taking their toll – I have walked miles this week.

I have been out and about in Blenheim Park, Westborough, Victoria and Milton so far. It all appears to be going well so far, unnervingly so. However, there is much work ahead, and the next four weeks are going to be hectic.

I have had some conversation in amongst the hundreds of leaflets delivered. Recognised by some, accosted by friendly strangers: “I read your blog”, “you’re Julian Ware aren’t you?”, “you are a cheeky boy!” (I rather enjoyed that description). Moans about parking, enquiries about the long gone bandstand, a broken council fence, noisy motorbikes, a long discourse on the state of the National Health Service. Many promises of support, some indecisive Tories, a few disillusioned Liberal Democrats. A few for UKIP too, mostly as a form of protest.

And amongst this is came a granddaughter and my first flight from London Southend Airport (a day trip to Amsterdam, the Netherlands). I have also fitted a week at work, and some time for the family.


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