Rochford District Council election candidates

By party:

13 Conservative
11 Labour
3 Liberal Democrat
2 Green
2 Independent
1 Rochford District Residents
1 no description

Labour and the Conservatives are both fielding five women candidates.

Two of the UKIP candidates have stood previously for the English Democrats: Jason Hodson and John Hayter.

Some readers will recall my being sued for defamation by the Chair of the English Democrats for highlighting BNP entryism amongst their Southend candidates.

Labour Conservative Liberal Democrat Green UKIP No description Independent Rochford District Residents
Downhall & Rawreth Keith Podd Chris Black
Foulness & Great Wakering Myra Weir Tony Porter Neil Hookway Vicki Brandon Trevor Goodwin
Grange John Jefferies Carol Pavelin Chris Stanley Jamie Burton
Hawkwell North Kevin Salt Jo McPherson Keith Gibbs
Hawkwell South David Lench Heather Glynn
Hawkwell West Gill Gibson Michael Webb John Mason
Hockley Central Steve Hickin Carole Weston Gabrielle Yeadell
Hullbridge June Mather Mark Hale Micheal Hoy
Rayleigh Central David Bodimeade Margaret Spencer Stephen Tellis Sally-Ann Twydell
Rochford Jerry Gibson James Cottis Jacqueline Moyies Arthur Williams
Trinity Victoria Williams Bob Milne John Hayter
Wheatley Rachael Broomfield Jack Lawmon Robert Murgatroyd
Whitehouse Robin Dray Jason Hodson

4 Responses to Rochford District Council election candidates

  1. John Mason says:

    Why have you omitted my name from Hawkwell West?

  2. John Mason says:

    Or is it there but jumbled up on the right?

  3. It is there, but because of the number of columns in the table is over on the right and partially hidden.

  4. I incorrectly asserted that Jamie Burton had previously stood as an English Democrat candidate. I have now corrected my mistake. I unreservedly apologise to Jamie Burton for my error.

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