The candidates for Southend-on-Sea Borough Council elections May 22nd

Labour Conservative Liberal Democrat Independent Green UKIP Independent National Front
Belfairs Laura Martin Mo Butler Barry Godwin Stephen McKiernan
Blenheim Park Dean Trotter Helen Boyd Duncan Russell Julian Esposito Floyd Waterworth
Chalkwell Lars Davidsson Nigel Folkard Colin Davis Lucy Courtenay Leonard Stanley
Eastwood Park Jessica Phillips Andrew Moring Nora Goodman Paul Lloyd
Kursaal Charles Willis Jane Ladner Richard Betson Simon Cross Lawrence Davies
Leigh Matthew Zarb-Cousin Bernard Arscott Carole Mulroney
Milton Cheryl Nevin Vic Lee Bob Howes Mark Sharp Edward McNally
Prittlewell David Carrington Meg Davidson Mike Grimwade Tino Callaghan
Shoeburyness Maggie
Roger Hadley Jane Dresner Nick Ward
Southchurch Sean Jones Sue Abrahams Carole Roast Derek Kenyon
St Laurence Reginald Copley Jonathan Hodge Ted Lewin Lee Burling
St Luke’s Gray Sergeant Sally Carr Pamela Waldie ABC Caroline Endersby
Thorpe Ian Pope Alex Kaye James Clinkscales Martin Terry
Victoria Margaret Borton Denis Garne Ronella Streeter Ian Hurd Peter Breuer Bernadette Jaggers
West Leigh Jane Norman Fay Evans Christopher Bailey Neil Bettis
West Shoebury Matthew Dent Tony Cox Charlie Row James Moyies
Westborough Kevin Robinson David Burzotta Paul Collins Alan Hart John Stansfield
Westborough Michael Royston Jenny Snoad Peter Hill Carl Whitwell

The nominations for the Southend-on-Sea Borough Council elections on May 22nd have been published.

Full slates for the Liberal Democrats, and Labour. The Tories have a puzzling entry in Eastwood Park – Andrew Moring is describing himself as ‘Local Conservatives’ ( and not The Conservative Party Candidate) – is there a split in Tory ranks?

UKIP have twelve candidates – up on the six originally promised, but still some way from a full slate.  The Greens have three, the far-right (in the form of the National front) have one. There are nine independents.

The most crowded ballot paper will be in Westborough owing to the two slots up for grabs. Victoria is next, with six competing for the one place. Leigh, again, produces the most straightforward choice for the electorate.


5 Responses to The candidates for Southend-on-Sea Borough Council elections May 22nd

  1. UkIP have 12 candidates (in 11 wards) by my count, Julian?

  2. Yes, and this confirms my lack of arithmetic skills! I will correct.

  3. Julian it is also noticeable that Ukip are not standing against the ‘official’ Independent Party candidates. Another shameful grubby deal. I wonder this year if my Ukip opponent will be a devil this year and have the Ukip party logo on the ballot paper. The past two elections has seen him either embarrassed to have the logo or as I suspect make him look like an Independent Party candidate.

  4. Lavender says:

    ~Sigh~ Looks like I’ll be shredding my ballot paper again…

  5. No vote, no say. Voting is always a compromise – surely there must be one candidate in whichever ward you live in who you would agree with on some issues?

    Of course, I always recommend Labour, but if not Labour what were you looking for?

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