Is Andrew feeling nervous?

Here is the gender balance amongst the parties in Southend-on-Sea as regards to their candidates for next month’s elections.

Labour – 6 female, 12 male
Conservative – 9, 9
Liberal Democrat – 6, 12
UKIP – 0, 12
Green – 0, 3

Hat’s off to Southend’s Tories – they have achieved a perfect balance. UKIP’s score here is dire. Although they do field the occasional female candidate across the country, they are a very male-orientated party.

I have included Andrew Moring as a Conservative, although his branding suggests he is looking to distance himself from both his colleagues and his national party. He has chosen to describe himself as the Local Conservatives candidate.

The guidance from the Electoral Commission includes this:

Description – Party candidates can use a party name or description shown on the Electoral Commission’s website and supported by a certificate of authorisation from that party; others can use ‘Independent’ (and/or ‘Annibynnol’ in Wales) or leave this blank

I have just searched the online database of parties and found that ‘Local Conservatives’ is one of twelve alternative descriptions registered to the Conservative Party. I wonder why Andrew did not opt for ‘David Cameron’s Conservatives’?


One Response to Is Andrew feeling nervous?

  1. Council Tax Payer says:

    Hat’s off to Southend’s Tories – they have achieved a perfect balance
    Well only if you believe that what is between the legs is more important that what is between the ears.

    They might all be extrovert, assertive, left-handed, black, Buddhist, grammar school educated, middle-class, non-driving, childless, former DFS sales staff, now pensioner landlords originally from New Zealand. A perfect line up – if you are from New Zealand …. etc.

    Surely politics is not one dimensional and you would not seek a “perfect gender balance” at the expense of another (possibly more relevant) dimension.

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