Strange goings on in the Independent Group

Whilst the idea of a collection of Independents electing a Group Leader will seem incongruous to some, nonetheless they have a Group Spokesperson, a Leader with the same rights as the other Group Leaders and effectively a party leader in the council chamber.

Up until April 11th Martin Terry was the Independent Group Leader. He resigned on that day, and ceased to be leader as a consequence.

Word has reached me about the process to replace Mr Terry.

I am told that there was a meeting where two people applied for the position, and that the winner triumphed by a single vote.

Then there was a subsequent meeting at which the runner-up was not present. The winner declined to take up the position of leader – they did not want the job after all. This meeting, rather than offering the position to the runner-up instead went for someone else. We now know that this third person was Cllr Brian Ayling.

This somewhat odd process does raise a number of questions. Why would someone put themselves forward as Group Leader, only to decide (after winning the vote) that they did not really want it? And what was so unpalatable about the runner-up (who, after all, almost triumphed in the vote)? Were they deliberately excluded from the second meeting?


One Response to Strange goings on in the Independent Group

  1. David Glover. Secretary. RAW 2012. says:

    Ex Independent Group Leader Martin Terry will no doubt want “his job” back;- “when and if” he is reelected in May.
    Therein may lie the problem. Why would anyone want the job for a just over a month?
    The replacement possibly and probably wanted the position on a more permanent basis!
    Once again the party in all but name displays it’s maverick, non conformist and undisciplined nature.

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