Mike Royston for westborough

MikeFull name Mike Royston

Occupation Civil Servant (currently in IT) but for most of my civil service career have been a graphic designer.

Where do you live? Westbourne Grove, Westcliff on Sea

Have you stood for election before? Yes, many times.

Why are you Labour? Because I support its values of creating a more caring and fairer society.

Why are you standing? I was a Labour Councillor for 13 years and enjoyed helping people with their Council-related problems and campaigning for better public facilities in the town.

What are your hobbies? One of my main hobbies is Southend Hospital Radio, where I have been a volunteer ward visitor and Request Show presenter for many years. Other hobbies include music, learning foreign languages, cycling and swimming – I still miss the Warriors Pool (for which I fought a long and hard campaign in an attempt to keep it open.)

Are you active in the community? Very much. I am currently campaigning for an improved no29 bus service, and secure public cycle parking facilities in the town centre. I want to see a public pool back in our town centre, and am continuing to push for this. I would like to see a Skills Swapshop created in Westborough ward to enable residents to share skills (for work or leisure) free of charge.

Anything else you would like people to know about you? One of the things I succeeded in doing when I was on the Council was getting the Council to allow concessionary bus users to use their free bus passes from 9.00am (rather than 9.30am).

Contact telephone number 01702 619868

Email address westborough@southendlabour.com

Twitter @MikeRoystonUK

Website unleashedblogbymikeroyston.blogspot.com


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