Clueless or couldn’t care?

Sharp2Here is the latest leaflet from Mark Sharp, independent candidate for Milton. It may be familiar to you – it is exactly the same as his previous effort except that he has added an imprint of sorts. Unfortunately for Mr Sharp, he is not so sharp on electoral law – the imprint is illegal. And this is the man who likes to bang on about how undemocratic Southend-on-Sea’s council is. If you are going go on at length about democracy and process at least make an attempt to familiarise yourself with election rules first. Still, Mr Sharp is very much a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ type of candidate. He still has yet to provide proof that SKIPP or the Milton residents grouping he pretended to be a representative of go through any sort of democratic process.


3 Responses to Clueless or couldn’t care?

  1. Is that supposed to be an imprint? It looks more like contact details…

  2. Can the Cabinet system actually be abolished?

  3. The Cabinet system can be abolished, although I think it speaks volumes about some people’s priorities that this is considered more important than the cuts, social inequality, homelessness, etc.

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