Independent Candidate Caroline Endersby and a joke that is wearing rather thin

EndersbyThe joke really is wearing thin, the one where the Independent Group pretend they are not a party. Self-styled “new temporary leader of the Independent Group” Cllr Brian Ayling now describes Caroline Endersby as “the official Independent candidate”. Official! How can this be so unless there is an organisation to make it so?

If party politics really has no place in local government then you either have uncontested elections, or independent versus independent. If you really feel obliged to prefix independent with ‘official’ then you are accepting the role of parties. If Cllrs Ayling and van Looy cannot understand this then it is no wonder that they are so unsuited to their roles as St Luke’s councillors.

Brian then also states that “being a good local Councillor requires … some experience of how local Government works”. So, what of Cllr Paul van Looy then, before he was elected? Or Mark Sharp, Brian’s chum in Milton? Or most of the Independent Group before they were elected. Yet another example of Cllr Ayling facing both ways when it suits him.

He also makes the claim that “Caroline is the only candidate who actually lives in the ward”. Nominations have not closed and Brian cannot possibly know this. It is misguided or a lie – take your pick.


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