Cheryl Nevin for Milton

The Labour candidate for Milton ward has answered a few questions:

Full name
Cheryl Jean Nevin


e-Rostering Administrator in NHS

Where do you live?
Moved to Leigh, Belfairs Ward in 1993

Where were you born?
Born in Liverpool, raised in Rayleigh, moved to Milton Ward 1986.

Have you stood for election before?
Previous Labour candidate in Belfairs Ward

Why are you Labour?
Showed a keen interest in Economics, Government & Politics & Social History at school and college attending Fitzwimarc & SEEVIC. Grew up in a Political family with Christian Socialist influences. Was invited to the House of Commons by the Labour Party Shipping Minister Stanley Clinton-Davis in Jim Callaghan’s Government to see the Merchant Shipping bill go through parliament aged 17, which had been a lifelong campaign of my Father’s, this bill enshrined in law the notion of “Corporate Responsibility” which protects the individual employee against their employers asking them to act in a way which would result in illegal behaviour. Saw my Father use his influence in Parliament to help the Alzheimer’s Disease Society raise it’s profile to attract research funding, in tabling the first Hansard recorded question about this previously unknown disease, after close family members were diagnosed. I have since watched with interest the ripple effect that this question had within the media, medical profession and finally within the Pharmaceutical companies. Joined the Labour Party aged 18 after watching several documentaries about Fascism and Anti-Semetism during the second world war. Joined campaigns for the release of Nelson Mandela. Left my first employment after being told that as a woman I would never be paid the same as a man and felt this was unjust and undervalued my contribution to this company. Found another employer. Became Chair and Secretary of Milton Labour Party in late 1980’s when I successfully ran campaigns to introduce Swings and a Slide in Milton Gardens, introduce residents parking (north of the railway line), campaigned to save the No 6 bus route subsidy which served the hospital from the bottom of Hamlet Court Road. Currently Chair of Labour Party Local Campaign Forum Executive and Vice Chair of the Southend West Constituency Labour Party Executive. Have been active in politics in Southend in all that time.

Why are you standing?
I am a strong voice for Milton who is passionate about injustice and inequality. I believe I can help residents gain more influence for improvements in the ward, whether it be green spaces, housing issues, buses, places for young people to play, education and health inequalities, or speaking up when planning issues impact on their environment.

What are your hobbies?
Music, History, Swimming, Surfing, Sailing, F1 and Tennis.

Are you active in the community?
Active in my local community liaising with council to arrange litter pickers, rubbish bags, gloves and Cory pick up for Burdett Ave residents street clean day, getting trees pruned in Alexandra Road, reporting & getting cleared rubbish and fly tipping, attending neighbourhood police panels to report issues, writing to my local paper about poor pavements. In Belfairs I am active member of my local church, getting involved with projects supporting HARP and Christian Aid.

Contact telephone number
01702 619868

Email address

Twitter id


2 Responses to Cheryl Nevin for Milton

  1. Kenneth Little says:

    Hi Cheryl, my name is Ken Little and some time ago I watched four terrified elderly people two couples clutching at each other for support trying simply to cross from one side of the seafront to the other, I was at the time just having a beer out side the Pappilon, I jumped up ran to their aid by holding my hand out and stopping the traffic, that night I decided something needed doing on this supposed shared space idea, well Tony Cox’s idea, I think it’s Tony, anyway Skipp got involved and we with myself dressed as an undertaker marched down the High Street, to the seafront out side the Hope and put a tarpaulin across the road, the police were kind enough to give time for our peaceful demonstration, Mr.Cox declined the invitation sent but all went well, sen there have been quite a few accidents one could have been fatal but thankfully the driver was going slow, A poor excuse of a crossing is now in say it’s a crossing is quite frankly a joke, also I and I was alone in this wanted railings put up were the children play in the water sprouts, as I met a guy who said he narrowly missed a young giurl who ran down the steps into the road because her brother called to her, none of these incidents need happen, and I only hope with all my heart it that a death does not occur botice is taken, you seem like a good person a caring person, PLEASE put in proper zebbra crossings four will be enough, between the Kursaal and the Pier, and a railing in front of the water jets, I hope you had a chance to read this and of course you will have my vote, you mention the ridiculous bus lane this going on out Victoria station, I watched a guy get clipped by a buses wing mirror, because he was reading a paper and thought he was still on the pavement, a deep kerb would have prevented that as also on the seafront, thankyou for your time if you did read this, I wish you well in the election..

  2. Cheryl Nevin says:

    Hi Ken, always pleased to hear views. With regard to the introduction of shared space this is meant to reduce accidents, which I believe it has achieved at Victoria station, because it slows people down, although I believe we could improve signposting here, which would help. I accept your points about protection of children playing in the water spouts on the seafront and would support this, depending on type and feasibility of a small barrier. Please contact me at with your address details so that I can respond direct in relation to your other points. Thank you.

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