Plus ça change

As the ink dries on Martin Terry’s letter of resignation, one is left with a few questions.

I guess the most immediate is who now leads the Independent Group? Whoever takes over may only be keeping the seat warm until Martin’s expected reincarnation as a Thorpe councillor, but who knows? Whoever takes on the role may grow to enjoy the trappings of being a Leader of a party in all but name.

What happens if Cllr Kaye defies electoral gravity and survives? Admittedly a remote prospect but nonetheless possible.

Longer term one cannot help but see this as the beginning of the end of Westborough’s flirtation with Independents. Cllr Velmurugan remains, but his term ends in 2016. My reading of Westborough is that his stock is at an all-time low, and his prospects for re-election are diminishing with every expression of devotion to Cllr Holdcroft and his administration.

When was the last time Southend-on-Sea saw two council by-elections in one year? I struggle to put a date on the last by-election before this year (which was in West Shoebury if my memory is correct), so rare are they. Two in a year may be unique.

There is one full council to come, plus mayor-making (annual council), before May 22nd. Martin’s departure may only be a minor ripple in the grand scheme of things. It is a gamble though, and whatever happens we will see a new Leader of a Group that to date has only ever been led by Martin. This, in itself, may be a portent of bigger and more permanent change in the council. May 22nd really will see the most fascinating set of elections in a long time.


2 Responses to Plus ça change

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  2. David Glover. Secretary. RAW 2012. says:

    As of Friday 11/04/14 Democratic Services, Southend Borough Council confirmed the following information.

    As of Friday 11/04/14 Cllr Martin Terry resigned in writing with immediate effect as a Westborough Ward Councillor.

    All rights and privileges associated with said position ceased immediately.

    As said resignation is nonrescindable a local bye election has been called.

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