Martin Terry has resigned

I can confirm that Martin Terry has resigned and that a by-election has been called in Westborough.

This means we are, once again, a fifty-member council, and will be so until the after May 22nd. Martin is no longer a councillor, cannot participate in council meetings (beyond what an ordinary member of the public can do), and loses his badge, computer, email account etc.

For a month at least the Liberal Democrats become the largest opposition group in the chamber.


2 Responses to Martin Terry has resigned

  1. Irene Grubb says:

    Can the Independant group still be called the Martin Terry Independant group, and most Important of all will Martin still be the group spokesperson or leader In the past he has been called both In the press. Irene.

  2. David Glover. Secretary. RAW 2012. says:

    As of Friday 11/04/14 Democratic Services, Southend Borough Council confirmed the following information.

    As of Friday 11/04/14 Cllr Martin Terry resigned in writing with immediate effect as a Westborough Ward Councillor.

    All rights and privileges associated with said position ceased immediately.

    As said resignation is nonrescindable a local bye election has been called.

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