Veni, promisit, deliqui

Under 1,017 Thankyous! is this:

I made some pledges in my election campaign and I will stick to them all. One of them was to do a monthly “E-newsletter”. Please comment on here or send an email to and ask to be added to the email distribution list.

I am still waiting for an E-newsletter.

Under About is this:

Everyone can make pledges though, that are all too soon to be forgotten about shortly after the election. James, however, will measure his performance against these pledges in the newsletter that he will send to residents – 3 times a year!

I do not recall seeing a newsletter in some while, and certainly there have not been three in the last year. (I think that imprint is wrong, too.)

That is two fairly straightforward promises that have been abandoned. Can you trust a Tory?


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